How you can adopt from us

How you can adopt from us

Unfortunately stray or shelter pet adoptions are not popular in Romania. As a result, the shelters and the streets are full; those living on the streets continue to multiply and are subjected to a tortured life without knowing the love and safety of a family.

A shelter should be a temporary solution for all the dogs, a place where they can live from the moment of rescue until they are adopted permanently.

If you decided to give a chance to a shelter dog and welcome him into your life, find out on this page what are the steps to adopt from Care For Dogs Romania. 

Do this only if you understand the responsibilities that come with adopting a pet. Make sure you can give it everything he needs and that you will never abandon it. To him, you are the chance to a happy life.

Romanian law says the following:

(1) Any person who owns a pet or takes care of a pet must be responsible for the pet’s health and well-being.

(2) Any person who owns or cares for a pet must ensure that the pet has all the conditions, care and attention, taking into account its ethological needs, depending on species and race, and in particular must:

  1. to provide him with sufficient food and water;
  2. provide enough space to move freely;
  3. take the necessary steps to avoid the loss of the pet.

You can find more information about everything you need to know about responsible pet ownership at this page.

Care for Dogs Romania adoption steps

All pets deserve a responsible and loving owner who will give them a home for the rest of their lives. If you want to adopt from us please fill out the form at this link and we will contact you shortly.

You have to be at least 18 years of age to adopt from us. You should know that we might have to make a home visit to make sure that the environment and the conditions in which the dog will be living are appropriate.

Everybody who lives at your residence have to agree on the adoption. There has to be at lease 6.5 square meters per pet in the residence.

If you live in a house and the dog has access to a backyard, make sure the backyard is secure and there are no holes in the fence. Under no circumstances we will allow adoptions if the dog will be kept in chain.

If you pass all the verifications and we decide to go through with the adoption, we have to sign an adoption contract.

The adoption contract has to contain the adopter’s personal name, address, so that he can easily be identified, name and identification data for the adopted pet (such as microchip number), the association’s data. The contract will include the adopter’s responsibilities and the consequences if these responsibilities are not going to be fulfilled.

People who adopt on behalf of another person, to present copy of the identity card, notarized power of attorney, and copy of the identity card of the person on whose behalf the adoption is made.

In case the adopter lives abroad, the dog has to be issued a passport, travel with a companion to the adopter’s residence. We need a copy of the adopter’s ID, the travel companion ID, copy of pay statement, and pictures of the residence.

The new owner has to vaccinate the pet yearly, deworm the pet and offer veterinary care regularly and as needed, feed the pet properly and not neglect him.

We would like you to send us weekly pictures with the pet in the first two months from the adoption, then monthly pictures within the first year from the adoption, and then a picture once a year.

We love all the pets we rescue and after all that wait in the shelter we want to share with everybody the joy of finding a loving home for them.

In some cases, we may ask for: a copy of your ID, income statement, written agreement of the owners’ association to which you belong (or your neighbors) if you wish to adopt more than 2 dogs.

In case the pet is stolen or lost, the adopter is required to notify Care for Dogs Association within 24 hours.

In case the adopter does not want to keep the animal for various reasons, he has the obligation to return it to us and under no circumstances the pet will be abandoned.

All pets deserve to have a chance at a happy life in a loving family. If you want to adopt from us, please fill out this form, and we will contact you shortly. Thank you!

Andreea Corneanu